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and their Minions

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Did we order book cards and book pockets earlier in the semester, and did we get them? 

And if we didn't, where does the sci-fi forum typically order these things from? 

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How assertive has the library been when it comes to recovering books that are SUPER DUPER late? Are there are stories of a grumpy librarian approaching a blacklister's dorm, battering at the door, and then forcefully commandeering back the book?

Or is it that we have a lax policy? I've noticed that the library does rebound from its losses--sort of this weird Circle of Life motion. Every time someone forgets return a copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire--even though it would not hurt to do so--a completely different person thinks, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?! I'd better donate this to the sci-fi forum". But in between the time a book is taken out and loss, someone who doesn't have the fourth book cannot depend on the forum...meanwhile, the shift-holders have to put in the newly donated book's info at the beginning of each of these Circles of Life.

I should be studying, but I have these logistics floating in my mind.

(I mean, isn't this why we collect e-mails/addresses in the first place? So we can e-mail/snail-mail them saying, "Excuse me, but it's been eleventy-billion days since you've taken out our book. Please return our book back or prepare to deal with the sci-fi forum's secret reserve of Hellhounds eating your family.")

Someone tell me their thoughts.
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Two weeks later and we haven't used this yet.

Every time I shift, I feel so directionless these days. What is there to do? Should we think of something to do?

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So, I notice this has not been used in about a year.

...It's on again. I'll expect shiftholders to use this when appropriate.

That is all. Good day.

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Sorry guys, I am a little under the weather and won't be making it upto sb today. So it looks like i'll miss shift. If anyone want's to chill in the library during my 3-4 so that it stays open it'd be appreciated, hey you could even do shifting. I apologize Bird-King, I'll do some extra shifting over the week or something to make up for it.
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All shiftholders are required to submit to me all 26 letters of the English alphabet in order, hand-written on a piece of printer-sized paper (that means you, Roman), signed and dated, by midnight on March 14th--that's one week from today.

This piece of paper will go on file with the shiftholder agreement you had to sign when you came aboard as standing, permanent proof that you do, in fact, know the alphabet and so have no excuse for the sheer number of (recently) misshelved books.

If you hold a shift, you need to make one. I will, and so will jacehan. If you don't make one, you run the risk of losing your Forum key. If you have a Forum key because you're also an officer, you will be subject to shame and ridicule such as you've never known.

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I'll not be making it to my early shift because I need to do laundry before work. My apologies.
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I just woke up feeling like the gunk on th eunderside of my shoe.
I will not be doing my 4-6 shift today. Im sorry forthe late notice.
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